We'd like to challenge you to change the way you look at things.

Just take a butterfly egg as an example. When you look inside it you definitely do not see a butterfly. In fact all you see is a tiny wrinkled caterpillar. But if you look at the caterpillar knowing the journey it has ahead of it and the true potential it possesses it becomes a rather fascinating creature.

At Novalis House we look at our people in the very same way. We believe that if we support them along their journey they too will be able to spread their wings and fly. We believe in focusing on capability and not disability and with this attitude we make our own way – very happily.

Annual General Meeting
Novalis House held its Annual General Meeting on the 27th August 2016. Click on the link below to learn more.  
AGM Managers Report   August 2016 .pdf AGM Managers Report August 2016 .pdf
Size : 224.263 Kb
Type : pdf
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